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I would just like to apologise for not following through with my ‘schedule’ I had laid out.
After a very eventful few months with Love Activists I will return to my blog.
Hopefully I will be able to post something soon and we can pick up where we left off, however due to commitments I will not be able to ensure a regular feed.

Thank you for all your support up to now.


LOVE Headquarters officially opens to activists!

LOVE Headquarters will officially open it’s doors tomorrow.
We are offering a space for full time activists to organise.
The space is also available for groups to hold events of any sort and for activists to rest and network during protests.
LOVE HQ is situated in Westminster along Marylebone Road.
The following phone number is available as a direct open line to LOVE HQ: 07546435589

*EDIT* the contact details have changed due to unforseen circumstances, the following number will be the temporary line to LOVE HQ – 07806622724

LOVE activists, direct action group. A new decentralised community everyone can support.

Be the change you want to see in the world. We must solve our domestic problems before helping the rest of the world. That is not to say we must abandon our responsibilities we have created. This is the first step towards peace. Forget the ‘revolutions’. We strive for evolution. Evolution of the mind. To break these loops and spiral towards the stars.

In order to make the radical change necessary we need to reconnect with our common purpose. Love. Peace. Unity. Respect. Truth. FREEDOM!

LOVE is a new, yet innately familiar network of activists uniting as one for all causes. For all of humanity. We are a decentralised, un-financed family of revolutionaries prepared to keep love alive.

We care a lot!

LOVE is within us all. LOVE drives us. When you awaken to this fact you will realise the depth of which our common goal exists, within each individual cause. Large and small collectives are investing a lot of time into positive action which is being directly ignored.

The greater reality, Israeli or Palestinian, shia or Kurdish, man or woman, is that our struggles all boil down to corrupt economic and democratic systems attempting to oppress us all for their own selfish gain, pitting one another against each other to distract from the truth.

LOVE removes this illusion. LOVE is not gold digging. LOVE is not violent.

Through LOVE we unite under one banner, enabling small voices to be amplified, large voices to scream and create an echo that resonates in the skulls of the corrupted powers which they can not escape from.

LOVE is necessary to remove the psychological barrier’s segregating people, which exists in the most open minded of people’s. LOVE is here to break down the walls.

LOVE is already active. It is within you. You are already a leader. You plan the action. You bring the hearts and minds together. You are LOVE!

Our current goal is radical reform through radical action…



Next week’s article is: The ‘murderous symbiotic’ relationship between big industry and environmental protection through personal experience.

One Love. x

A brief autobiography.

I am Danny Freeman. I thought I would shed a little light about myself. I am no ‘hero’ as some of you have stated. I am a human being just like you, striving for peace and love in our beautiful world. I write this so that you can get to know me a little, just like I would like to get to know you. I am more than just statueman although I will discuss those events here as well.

I am 22, I did not go to university, in fact I wasn’t the most committed academic. I had a good childhood as far as a programmed society is concerned. As for my beliefs, my childhood by no means reflects how I feel a child should be nurtured. That’s not to say my family life was terrible, I got along with my family for periods of time. That said, despite our differences and whatever they think of me now, I still love my family.

In my opinion the turning point in my life was at the age of 18. Deeply depressed, I met a group of people who changed everything, a road which defines the individual I am today. I will hold these beautiful minds in my heart for eternity.

I’m not perfect, I have made plenty of mistakes and have a tendency to get very excited about ideas which fall apart quicker than they come. That said, direct action is now my life and I hope you will join me. I have been campaigning full-time now, give or take 6 months.

My life has changed dramatically, from a black hole within the system, eagerly awaiting those precious moments with the people you truly appreciate. To a fruitful expression of my individuality, observing in parallel to, a system which is spectacularly collapsing in on itself.

Meanwhile, I feed my mind in multiple forms. Taking care of my baby, a kitten named Kaya. I have learnt a great deal from my time with her. Regarding the importance of responsibility. She is the reason I wake up of a morning and gifts me with my first smile of the day. The loving community around me perpetuates this. Bringing a blissful end to most days. This is when I learnt that happiness comes from within.

In my spare time I enjoy Dj’ing badly under the alias kryptek, you can find me on soundcloud.com/rp_kryptek. This brings me great satisfaction when I’m not working on a novel which I’ve been planning for the last 4 years. Self-indulgence aside, I am building my home, something you are also very capable of with your own bare hands. I do not claim benefits, I do not have a conventional job. My job, like I hope you realise is also yours, is to ensure ‘they’ do not take our love and to preserve and fight for our freedom as human beings.

Do not forget it. You are a beautiful, unique soul. We can be a unified family to be reckoned with. Together, through love, we will take back our liberties and rebuild a true democratic peaceful world. Remember, one person can make a massive difference. I learnt this during my time with Winston.

“Why don’t you ask the kids at Parliament Square, is fashion the reason why they where there? They disguise it, Hypnotize it, television made you buy it. Mezmerize the simple minded, Propaganda leaves us blinded.” – System of a Down.

On Tuesday 21st October, I arrived at Parliament Square after being informed an illegal eviction was taking place. I had no intention of protesting. I was merely there in solidarity with Occupy, observing the immoral, unlawful actions of the metropolitan police.

In the short time I was at Parliament Square I witnessed police assaulting protesters. While no warrant for the eviction could be produced a sergeant informed me the legality was supported through a bye-law which conveniently came into effect that same day.

The large green at Parliament Square and the Churchill memorial was now caged in behind security fencing. I watched on as civil liberties were confiscated from peaceful citizens.

Within an hour of arriving I seized a moment. Climbing the security fence and leaping across to the base of Churchill. This is the beginning to my first protest. My initial point was to reclaim the square for the occupiers, peacefully express my own freedom and by any means necessary stop the police from snuffing out the protest. An attempt to shield the flame of hope from a petite gust of wind. Fortunately, with no effort at all the metropolitan police continued to do most of my work for me. All I had to do then was to stand my ground. With Winston by my side I was never lonely. This allowed the hearts and minds of Occupy to continue to do what they do best.

I would like to take this moment to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to the love filled souls at Occupy and Anonymous who supported me, supporting them, in a crucial stand off against the state. This is how life should be, a symbiotic relationship between humans and mother gaia.

The most significant moment soon followed. One of the older protesters, a beautiful soul asked “How long are you going to stay up there?” to which I responded “As long as i need to be.” (or something to that effect) which was shockingly met with thanks and tears. To me this was the true face of societies struggle against a corrupt government. From then on I was driven by the mix of indescribable feelings she evoked in that instance.

28 hours later I was arrested.

I want to take the protest with me into the court room. I will be appearing at Westminster Magistrates on November 12th at 9.30am. Please join me in peaceful solidarity, showing the magistrates the reality of how my actions reflected your own frustration with the government.

Next week’s article is titled: LOVE activists, direct action group. A new decentralised community everyone can support.

Until then, lawfully disobey!

One Love. X

Winston Churchill Statue

Welcome! <3

This is the Official blog for Statueman/Plinthguy, Danny Freeman.

I will be publishing a variety of politically charged articles on a weekly basis. The articles will vary from week to week, which won’t follow any particular pattern however there will be two segments which will appear once a month in between articles:

– Ask me anything…


– My opinion of…

You can send me your questions for these via wordpress, facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/PlinthmanDan/1498059413792177 or twitter https://twitter.com/PlinthDan. Please include a reference to the article in the title or opening sentence of your question.

Anything posted will appear at approximately 3.30 on a Tuesday. Marking the time and day that brought me to this point today.

The next article will be: A brief auto biography.

One Love x

Last of Occupy Protesters cleared from Parliament Square - London